“I was born and raised in Torre Annunziata, it’s not important when,
I finished my studies in Architecture in Naples, too long ago,
I have nearly forgotten, but I clearly remember
when I started shaping my emotions.
It was a summer day so scorching that I couldĀ see
gusts of passion coming for the hot earth.
While I was walking with dark sand in my shoes to temper my feet,
I was dazzled by a reflection bouncing back from a glittering marble.
So, I placed my knuckle into the track
and flicked it so powerfully,
that the marble flew out towards the sea,
releasing its colourful sprout in three tiny kites
each of which carried a message:
Grow, Dream, Feel” 

Gianfrancesco De Falco

copyright @ 2014 GianFrancesco De Falco - Developed by GEMCREATIVE