My Ready Made between art and design

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My Ready Made, between art and design.

This article shows how the work of the influential French artist Marcel Duchamp, inspired my work as a Designer. In New York, early in April 1917, a “Bedfordshire” porcelain urinal was turned through 90°. This new work by Duchamp was entitled Fountain. Thus began the existence of a movement called Ready Made. According to the principles of this art form any common object that is decontextualised and given a new function, is a Ready Made. Fascinated by such a revolutionary artistic movement, I started looking at objects with a scope of conferring them a new dignity. This new way of approaching the reality, is clearly embodied in one of my first ” creative
Exercises;” a floor lamp made of nine plastic buckets, named “The bucket’s revenge.” An everyday object used as a container, and often stored in a narrow and dark space, was transformed into a shiny luminous sculpture for living rooms. Since then, I have given a second life to more “creatures” as a daily challenge using my ability to “read” the  objects, distinguishing form from function.e might call it handmade design or up-cycling; but Ready Made, it’s just a practical joke which can be healthy and therapeutic.
Ready Made can inspire designers to reconsider the eternally renewable as a conscientious alternative to new materials, underlining the environmental correctness of Ready Made design.
Through Ready Made, everyone can experience how to perform as an artist.
Art is not an inaccessible form of communication; we are all capable of creating something
personal which can be as unique as we are.
If anyone else receives value from our creativity, then that is what makes it beautiful.
After being in practice for many years, I use my “Ready Made joke” during my lessons to stimulate students’ creativity. This widely praised activity is part of one of the most successful courses I teach at Chelsea College of Arts, namely ” Bespoke Furniture Design “. This course teaches students how to create unique furniture using different techniques, from manufacturing to self-production. Students learn how to propose a concept according to the space, aiming to revive their creativity together with the furniture’s second life.